M Concept Capital Berhad's Philosophy

Our Mission

M Concept Capital Berhad (MCCB) strives to be the best partner for entrepreneurs who want to build excellent enduring companies. Entrepreneurs who demand that their VC investors provide more than their time, make valuable connections, and offer strategic insight are the the likely candidates for MCCB. MCCB believes that a good partnership focus on creating value for all stakeholders, and acknowledge that is not always an easy task.

An honest way to re-look at present threats is essential. Being accountable to each other, a willingness to make and accept difficult choices and team buildings are what true partnership is all about. The ability to re-arrange new solutions, invent new products and services, and developing new business models require a certain open-mindedness and an extraordinary eyeball to look at mutual interests, whether they diverge or converge. There are no ideas that are bad for us. MCCB incubates cutting edge teams with novel ideas to potentially disrupt current businesses and shake status quo. MCCB sees it as our mission to make it ubiquitous for entrepreneurs to excel and for innovators to innovate. We train talents into red dots, to grow portfolio companies’ CEOs, CFOs and Financial Controllers to be equipped with the right skills. Many companies within our portfolio thrive because of our investment into talents and understanding their operations.

At MCCB, we believe that to create maximum value for our portfolio companies, investors need to be generous with their time. This also means that we tap the best resources of our partnering investors: their knowledge and experiences. We understand that each individual entrepreneur will have their entire stake in the company, and we recognise this paradox in our role and take a bias on the side of the entrepreneur as a matter of policy. MCCB believes entrepreneurs deserve this commitment from their VC. MCCB acts collaboratively and with integrity; and not act transactionally. At MCCB, building long term relationships with entrepreneurs is part of our corporate aspiration. We are not define by good deals. We are measured by the way we push entrepreneurs to build exceedingly great companies and assist them in clearing hard choices along that path. MCCB builds both visibility as well as clarity for all our portfolio companies.

MCCB extend this view to our limited partners and general investors. MCCB grows not only with our portfolio companies but also our investing partners. Most importantly, our investment partners are exposed fully to our portfolio companies, with corporate visits and also given an opportunity to participate in our incubation process not available in most other VC firms. MCCB believes that being extremely transparent with our investing partners is crucial. We meet with partners six times a year, usually taking time to visit our portfolio companies together. MCCB share details about our operating budgets and our expectations of future portfolio performance. MCCB do not retain excess incomes but rather, we return them back to investors as distribution units and dividends. MCCB deliberately chose to keep our pool of investors well informed and uncomplicated. MCCB go out of our way to treat our limited partners and investors well. MCCB as a reliable partner. are able to raise funds quickly and our partners are to grow with us for the long term.

MCCB run things a little bit differently. MCCB thinks of other VCs firms as our partners. By partnering with other VC firms we allow our portfolio companies to grow faster than industry average. This approach to partnership has led to encouraging results.

Lastly, MCCB also makes succession planning a priority for the firm, and invest heavily in the development of our newer partners.

If you are an investors, do talk to us. If you are an entrepreneur, you will find MCCB as more than just a funding option. If you share our values and perspective on partnership, we at MCCB will like to chat with you.


MCCB believes that a good partnership focus on creating value for all ... MCCB sees it as our mission to make it ubiquitous for entrepreneurs to excel and for ...