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M Concept Capital Berhad (MCCB)


M Concept Capital Berhad (MCCB) is the alternative funding platform of choice for entrepreneurs in Asean and Far-east. MCCB is currently the largest privately-owned venture firm in Malaysia. We are the leading source of venture financing, structured incubation, partaking medium and high-risk portfolio investing.

Our innovative investment portfolio and services are highly sought after by global fund managers as IPO candidates. We are investing in more than 250 progressive companies in over 6 countries ranging from agro-tourism to drones and yacht clubs sectors. We will continue to undergo rapid expand with better investor relations, aggresive global fundraising and comprehensive marketing, utilising market intelligence and in-depth research.

MCCB, founded in 2015, currently operates from offices in Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore and China. We continuously expand our network and market presence by developing new series of independent businesses owned by our directors, partners and employees internationally.