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M Concept Capital Berhad (MCCB) is an aggressive alternative funding platform. That does not mean we invest blindly. Before you meet us, please:

1. Do your homework

Know us. Research on MCCB, the partners, or the associates that you’ll be speaking to. Understand what verticals and which portfolio we have invested in. Show us your sincerity that you actually care enough so we have have an intelligent rather than ignorant dialogue. That will make us more likely to like you as a person.

2. Don’t lie

This is important: be honest, real, and be yourself. We tackle hundreds of startups in a year, and sit through many pitching sessions. We are trained to know when you are not telling the truth. Do yourself and us a favour, tell us the truth. There’s no need to inflate figures, because we will find out someday anyway.

3. Your slide deck

Keep your slides to 15-20 slides. Once it goes past 20 slides, what we have in our mind is just when we can end this meeting. So, instead of thinking of goof questions to ask you, our partners probably starts thinking about lunch. Keep your slide decks words to bare minimum. The numbers and words are best transferred to the annex. 

4. Practise, practise, practise

We know have a perfect idea and an awesome team. However, if you do not present it well,  likely the deal is gone. Let us understand understand your vision, what you plan to do. Communicate well. Please practise in front of the mirror. Prepare some FAQs that we might ask you, so you will not fumble. Please make sure you are clear especially on the aspiration visibility and clarity, defined shore(s), red dot, fire walling, restructuring, equanimity issues, companies act, dividend policy, financial controller, FRM, IRM so as to simplify our discussions.

5. First impression really counts

Please don’t be late, and dress shabbily. While startups are supposed to bootstrap. But there’s a difference between bootstrapping and being lazy to dress up. Look presentable, and no shorts or flip-flops. 

6. Be humble

Lastly, try to be humble, asking for NDAs before you pitch is a big no-no! Wondered who taught you that. We had seen our fair share of Smart Aleck, and we were once Smart Aleck like you too… although some said they are smarter. Hope to see you when you are ready.

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MCCB has a strategic partnership with MOC Capital Berhad, a company that focused on investing in capital mechanism-savvy companies and private equity portfolio.

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