MCCB currently analyses information, guidance,

re-structuring and strategic investment into private equity, real estate, hedge fund, infrastructure, REIT and private debt asset classes, encompassing the following series :

• Funds and fundraising
• Seed capital
• Angel investing
• Venture capital
• Performance and KPI setting
• Asset acquisition and disposal
• Institutional investing programme
• Deals design
• Exit strategies
• Fund terms and execution
• Distressed companies and properties disposal
• Private REITs

M Concept Capital Berhad (MCCB) is the alternative funding platform of choice for entrepreneurs in Asean and Far-east. MCCB is currently the largest privately-owned venture firm in Malaysia. We are the leading source of venture financing, structured incubation, partaking medium and high-risk portfolio investing.

Our innovative investment portfolio and services are highly sought after by global fund managers as IPO candidates. We are investing in more than 250 progressive companies in over 6 countries ranging from agro-tourism to drones and yacht clubs sectors. We will continue to undergo rapid expand with better investor relations, aggresive global fundraising and comprehensive marketing, utilising market intelligence and in-depth research.

MCCB, founded in 2015, currently operates from offices in Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore and China. We continuously expand our network and market presence by developing new series of independent businesses owned by our directors, partners and employees internationally.

Mr. Molex LOW, Co-Founder and Director
‘A Man with Business Foresight...’

Dr. Jeh Shyan Wong was the former-CEO of CommerceNet Singapore from 2000-2010. He currently heads the CNSG Consulting Group as the Consulting Partner, and also serves as the founding partner in Shyan Associates in Singapore, and co-founded Orientis VC in South Africa. He currently advises multiple start-ups and investment groups.

Dr. Wong specialises in corporate restructuring and corporate turn-around; revenue streams development and cashflow management; mergers and acquisition. His forte includes sophisticated financial modeling and business modelling. He is also well known for aggressive merger and acquisition techniques and innovative financial engineering. He often leads complicated cross national boundary pilot projects, with a special focus on high risks catalyst/strategic ventures. He is also a proponent of investment trusts.

Dr. Wong co-founded MCCB in 2015 with the aim to build one of the most comprehensive investment portfolio comprising of capital mechanism savvy companies.

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Dr. Jeh Shyan WONG, Co-Founder and Director
‘The Killing Moon, Incubator...’

Mr. Sui Ting WONG, Director
‘The Silent Capitalist...’

About Us

With more than 10 years distinguished track record in sales, marketing, business strategy and consulting experience, he has invaluable experience in driving sales and spearheading profit-making companies. 

Molex career started in marketing online game software in Taiwan and Malaysia. He currently mentors start-ups in China and around the Asia Pacific region, as well as an active angel investor. He launched in 2011 and currently oversees the global marketing and development efforts of the company.

Born in 1977, Molex in his early days, owned and operated restaurants, cybercafés and apparel boutiques. He had also ventured out and was involved in the network marketing industry where he won several awards for his efforts. In 2009 he was a recipient of the industry’s Keris Honesty Award and again in 2013, The Universal Entrepreneur Award. 

Molex co-founded MCCB in 2015 believing that all business ideas are good and should be given ample funding and opportunities to flourish.

Mr. Sui Ting Wong is the Chief Financial Officer and one of the key founding members of Qinetics Solutions in year 2000. He was tasked with overseeing and managing the overall financial affairs and operations of Qinetics, playing an active role in corporate decisions, strategies . In 2011, Wong and key management founded the Forum Digital, under Qinetics Group. The business was subsequently merged into, currently a prominent player in Online Cashback Discount business in Malaysia.

Wong holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from Monash University, and is an Associate Member of Malaysia Institute of Accountancy (MIA, Chartered Accountant) and CPA Australia. Prior to joining Qinetics, he worked at KPMG and BDO Binder public accounting firm. Wong spent 6 years in auditing, taxation, accounting, due diligence reviews and Initial Public Offering exercises. 

Wong was appointed a director of MCCB in 2015, focusing on guiding the company in maximising the capital structure of the portfolio.

MCCB Core Team

Companies with cutting edge business models from the following preferred sectors are considered for investment: 
• Agriculture 
• Industry-leading disruptive technologies 
• Premium media players 
• Complimentary lifestyle sectors 
• Commercial real estates

Other sectors may seek appointments for private briefing. For more information on how MCCB can help you, please contact

MCCB has a strategic partnership with MOC Capital Berhad, a company that focused on market leading capital mechanism savvy companies and private equity portfolio.

Our Targeted Investment